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Simply connect your accounts and start comparing right away.

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Then, use those comparisons as motivation to improve your own financial situation! Of course, Status is about more than just comparing yourself to others. With Status, you can track your net worth, create spending goals, and monitor your credit. The program also analyzes your saving and spending by category, offering suggestions to improve your situation along the way. Although Status is not nearly as robust as many of the other options, it is free to use. It is ad supported, so keep that in mind when considering their suggestions. Wally is another personal finance app available for use on your smartphone.

This app focuses entirely on budgeting and tracking your expenses. For those who are a little skittish about cloud-based apps, this may actually be seen as a plus. Even though it lacks automation, Wally does a good job of doing what it sets out to do — help people manage their monthly budgets.

Wally was originally available just for iPhones, but they recently unveiled a new version for Android. According to their website, the app is and always will be free. GnuCash is a free open-source financial management software that runs on some Windows and Apple operating systems.

The app uses the double-entry accounting method to help you keep track of your finances. Business owners should already be familiar with this concept as it is the preferred method used for balancing books and keeping accurate financial records for companies. With that said, the app can help with your personal finances as well. Through GnuCash, you can track your bank accounts, income, expenses, and investments.

GnuCash is also capable of running a variety of financial reports for those who need them. However, it is free, so it may be worth a try. With Quicken no longer the only financial tracking game in town, there are plenty of options to choose from. So why wait? Use one of the links above to download a free app or start a free trial to find out what program works for you. How many of these money management tools have you tried? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments! Want More from Life? Greg Johnson is a personal finance and frugal travel expert who leveraged his online business to quit his job, spend more time with his family, and travel the world.

Personal Capital and Mint are two of the best apps that anyone could have. From beginner to expert, they just work.

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Thanks for sharing! With Mint you can change transaction dates when needed for budgeting alignment. For us who receive a 1st of the month paycheck, which usually posts early when the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday non-banking day , the inability to change the date completely messes up the ending month and next month budgets.

Happens about 3 times a year. This makes Personal Finance PC worthless for budgeting.

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The change transaction date feature has been requested for years and PC ignores it. Poor customer service in my opinion. No thanks to PC.

…and highest quality data.

Still, the tools are free and provide a great overall picture of your financial health. We love personal capital for the grand view.

iBank Personal Finance Software for Mac Overview

We also have used Mvelopes for almost a decade and as a budgeting and cas management tool I have not found better. Very similar to the Every Dollar tool and Ramsey philosophy. Were you able to review this one? Curious your thoughts on how not compares to tbe others. I think Mint took a big step back when they shut off their bill pay functionality.

You can still see when your bills are due and the reminders are nice, but losing the extra step of automation kinda stinks. I like to see a projection of my available finances for the month, but so far Quicken seems to be the only one that can do that. Everything else is based on a daily snapshot of your spending. Have you reviewed any that allow you to see past today in spending? Started with MS Money. Moved to some paid program that was similar.

Found Money Manger EX. I can put in reoccurring transactions. And drop them into the checkbook as needed. I have my paycheck set for less than I expect. And the bills for a little more than expected. When I get paid, or write the check, I put the correct amounts in. You cannot change transaction dates. I have a retirement pay military that posts on the 1st of every month.

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But if the 1st falls on a weekend or holiday they post it the last banking day before that. With PC when that happens I have a double pay in one month and no pay in the next and cannot change that.

Top 5 Best Personal Accounting Software for Mac and Windows

Since this scenario happens about 3 times a year, PC is worthless for monthly budgeting. The tools are free, so there are going to be limits to what they can do. Comcast goes down once a month and online data becomes inaccesible just when you need it. I also tried Mint several years ago and will give it another shot. First and foremost is the ability to have attachments on my transactions. Second is the ability to have transaction reminders that can be auto-entered into the register. This allows me to look ahead to see where my expected spending and expected income is taking me This is the closest I come to using a budget feature — but I hate the word budget.

I do not use the transaction download feature for my checking account with Quicken because it ALWAYS caused me to have duplicate transactions when writing a paper check because of manually entering when written and then duplicated when cleared at the bank. VERY inconvenient. At least PC will help you correct duplicates — but no attachments.

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Reading further, it looks like Moneydance would be the best alternative for you for Quicken. It also allows you to use it standalone on your computer PC or Mac and also allows auto-entry of transaction reminders.

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I hate the Auto entry now because they made 2 layers out of it. I mostly like it for the tax prep categorization and the Offline presence of my data which is backed up to SD card.

My greatest fear is the last update for QB will be the one that totally disables the software. You are not quite correct when you say Quicken data can be seamlessly imported into any other program.