Consider Virtualization

Both were said to be impossible or nearly so by most. Some of the steps ended up differing slightly, so instead of trying to outline what I had to change here and potentially making things confusing, I decided to re-write the steps. Note: I am going to list exact steps that I took to get this working.

Which Macs can run Windows?

In retrospect, some of them seem like they may have been unnecessary. However, I am still listing them here because these are the steps that I know worked for me.

What Version of Windows Can I Run?

Type list disk into the command prompt and press Enter. A list of currently connected storage devices will be listed, starting with Disk 0. Find what Disk number is assigned to the USB drive for me it was 1 and type select disk 1 replacing the number with your own and press Enter.

For me, it took about 15 minutes. The progress should be shown as a percentage in the command prompt. If you plan to use Windows as your default operating system, we suggest you set Windows as default OS in boot selection screen to avoid pressing the Alt key every time you turn on your Mac. How to quickly reboot into Mac from Windows guide might also interest you. I want to just migrate my existing Windows install from another PC. I booted into the USB thumb drive.

Once deleted Windows install proceeded. It works flawlessly.

How To Install Windows 10/ On Mac Without Boot Camp

If you created the partition and formatted it, go on and start windows setup as said in procedure. Search for windows 10 media creation tool or search for windows 10 download and look for the link that contains Microsoft. Make sure to cooy that usb drive first as it will wipe all data from it! When done reboot imac as told in above procedure and choose the efi boot on the usb drive. Running the setup choose custom installation, select the partition you just created and choose format.

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After formatting the new partition just select it and go further with the next step of the installation wizard. I installed win 10 on a fully formatted imac after a complete wipe of all partitions and i just selected the unpartitioned disk. Windows setup did the rest for me automatically. The Intel HD display crashes the imac so I disabled it completely. No problem as the AMD display adapter is being used. Further there seem to be no drivers for the facetime camera, the Bluetooth hub but mouse is working properly and the sound card. Can anyone tell me where i can download the sound and camera drivers without bootcamp or without having to reinstall the Mac OS again?

All i see are my OS X partition and the recovery hd. Listen, I really want windows on my mac. One with windows 10 and one with 7.

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    How To Install Windows 10/8.1 On Mac Without Boot Camp

    On EFI systems, Windows can only…. After that I restarted the mac, and then followed your guide from step 7 onwards : Thanks! Some of guys above do have the same issue.. Vern Did you follow the Step 9 in our guide? Have you installed all necessary Boot camp drivers after installing Windows on Mac?

    If I ever need to install Mac, simply run Internet recovery. But space on the SSD drive is precious. I plan on run Mac on the Windows side as a VM. Completely backwards I know, but is what I was thinking. This was amazing. How many DVDs I went through. How many hours searching online.